After photographing in the redwoods for several years, I came to the realization that light was the subject of my images. As light reflects off the various elements of the landscape it creates new forms that are seemingly independent of those elements. The quality, shape and feel of the light can tell us much about a place. Part of my job as an artist is to translate that story into a photograph.

I use my photography as a way to learn to see more intently. It is a life-long learning adventure. My prints are my way of sharing what I have learned about light and seeing. The original seeing, the capturing of that seeing onto film, the development of the film, and the crafting of a fine print from the negative are all equally important. They are spokes of the same wheel.

Presently I am using two photographic printing methods from the Nineteenth Century; carbon printing and platinum printing. These two print types are quite different in appearance and feel, and I enjoy having both processes at my disposal when approaching a new image.

self portrait